Emerging Threats

AUG 8, 2014, LONDON (AP) — The World Health Organization on Friday declared the Ebola outbreak in West Africa to be an international public health emergency that requires an extraordinary response to stop its spread.  

It is the largest and longest outbreak ever recorded of Ebola, which has a death rate of about 50 percent and has so far killed at least 932 people. WHO declared similar emergencies for the swine flu pandemic in 2009 and for polio in May.

The WHO chief, Dr. Margaret Chan, said the announcement is "a clear call for international solidarity" although she acknowledged that many countries would probably not have any Ebola cases.



The full transcript of a press conference held on Friday by the Director of the Centers for Disease Control in which he addresses the recent anthrax exposures, incident at one of the agency’s influenza laboratories, and subsequent temporary closures of specific labs. Dr. Frieden also addresses questions on CDC’s role in dealing with the smallpox vials recently discovered in a storage room at the National Institutes of Health. 

See more at: http://globalbiodefense.com/2014/07/14/transcript-cdc-press-conference-b...



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