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Most MERS cases going undetected, 'Slow moving epidemic underway': study

12 Nov 2013 — A new analysis of MERS case data suggests a large number of infections are going undetected, with the researchers estimating that for each case that has been found, five to 10 may have been missed. The scientific paper, from European researchers, further suggests that transmission of the MERS virus is occurring at a rate close to the threshold where it would be considered able to pass from person to person in a sustained manner.

A deadly disease could travel at jet speed around the world. How do we stop it in time?

9 Nov 2013 — The threat from a modern global epidemic is real - especially in a connected world... Walk past the endless rows of vegetables, past the dozens of stalls selling every possible part of a pig and, at the centre of Cao Lanh city's market, a woman is doing a brisk trade in selling rats for food. Two cages swarm with them on a table next to her. Live frogs are available too, and, on the floor near her stall is a box of sluggish snakes. Chickens and ducks cluck and quack nearby. A faint smell of urine thickens air that is already heavy from the previous night's rains.

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