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Indonesia to resume sharing virus samples

27 March 2007, Jakarta - The World Health Organization (WHO) welcomes news from the Minister of Health of Indonesia, who announced at a joint news conference today that the country would resume sharing of H5N1 avian influenza virus samples “immediately”. This commitment by the Government of Indonesia follows a two-day meeting organized by the WHO in Jakarta on 26-27 March 2007.

Another case of bird flu detected in Egypt

26 March 2007, Cairo - The 27th human case of avian influenza has been detected in Egypt, health officials say, despite recent government efforts to curtail the problem.

Sayyid al-Abbasi, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, told IRIN on Monday that the latest case was a three-year-old girl from Aswan, southern Egypt. She tested positive for the H5N1 subset of the virus on Sunday.

WHO and international community make progress towards ensuring access of developing countries

22 March 2007, Geneva - The World Health Organization (WHO) is today reporting progress towards ensuring access to pandemic influenza vaccines for developing countries in the event of a pandemic and other vaccine-related aspects of influenza pandemic preparedness.


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