Pandemic Influenza

The attached (see below) relates to the 8 documents (over 200 pages) posted on the CDC website on updated guidance on community mitigation for pandemic flu (at tabs for Community Mitigation Guidelines to Prevent Pandemic Influenza – United States, 2017 & Pre-Pandem

The U.S. Department of State invites submission of comments from the public and relevant industries on influenza surveillance and response, related to the implementation of the World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework (PIP-FW) ( Comments are specifically requested on the PIP-FW Review areas of virus sharing and benefits sharing, and on governance and linkages with other international programs or instruments.


THE INCLUSIVE COST OF PANDEMIC INFLUENZA RISK  by Victoria Y. Fan, Dean T. Jamison, and Lawrence H. Summers.  NBER Working Paper 22137, March 2016.

The authors find that global pandemic flu risk is $570 billion per year.  This is the expected annual value of impact, and is the amount that should inform judgements about the adequacy of risk-reducing measures and expenditures on core public health system capacities.  The authors show that the risk of $570 billion is predominantly due to (a) intrinsic (subjective) mortality costs ($490 billion per year) , rather than (b) income losses ($80 billion per year).  


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