Pandemic Preparedness Guidance for the UN System

Pandemic Preparedness Guidance for the UN System

UN Medical Directors' Guidelines on Establishment of a Fever Clinic

Fever clinics are facilities where patients with symptoms of pandemic influenza can be assessed and managed to minimize influenza transmission in the community. They are a significant part of an organized response to an influenza pandemic within the UN system and will be activated during Level 3 Emergency Mode. While the role played by fever clinics may be different for various duty stations, the level of resources necessary to operate them will depend on the stage of the pandemic and the demand by staff.

UN preparedness

In the event of a pandemic, UN offices will have to be prepared to continue critical operations.To do so, the UN and its specialized agencies have developed contingency plans to minimize the impact of any pandemic on the health and safety of staff in order to maintain and sustain operational capacity, so that the UN system can best support national preparedness and response to a pandemic.

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